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Creative English with Emily

ISBN: 9789383646531 - (E)
Available Mediums:    English
Board: Central Board of Secondary Education
Price: 70.00 - (E)

Future Kidz Skill Programme is a specially designed series for kindergarten students that aims at strengthening and developing basic visual, auditory and writing skills. This is ensured by relating facts with the environment. Our aim is to bring out the creativity of the child through numerous interesting concepts. Vibrant illustrations grasp each child’s attention. The series consists of seven books, each exploring a different realm of learning, beginning with basic strokes and progressing on to alphabet formation, number formation and sequential writing. The series also focuses on general awareness and overall development of the child. Interactive activities arouse the curiosity of the child, thus fostering problem solving skills that encourage rational thinking. Highlights of the series are the complete condensed lessons on teaching of alphabet and their simultaneous visual recognition, phonic and auditory association with objects, reinforced by carefully selected poems and stories interspersed with interesting activities. A unique feature of the programme is the Teachers’ Handbook which is a complete solution to kindergarten teaching. It is the culmination of extensive research undertaken by a team of dedicated educationists. It includes a wide range of motivational and presentation techniques in the form of assessments and assignments appropriate to the child’s stage of development. The ideas conceived and compiled aim at making teaching as well as learning a joyous and memorable journey into the kindergarten world.