Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, books are shipped to all possible destinations including India, US, UK, Japan, Germany, and other major Asian and Europeon Countries.

What are the shipping cost?

The shipping structure is as follows

  1. International Book Post=> $15/- per book/copy/volume
    (The delivery period is between 12-20 working days)
    (We may ask for higher charges in case the books are heavy)
  2. International courier (most countries included) => $55/- per book/copy/volume. The delivery period is between 3-7 working days.
    (We may ask for higher charges in case the books are heavy)
  3. Registered Book Post (within India) => Rs. 60/- per book/copy/volume. The delivery period is between 5-10 working days.
  4. Courier within India => Rs. 80/- per book/copy/volume. The delivery period is bewteen 3-7 working days.
    (We may ask for higher charges in case the books are heavy)

Shipping charges may be modified as per prevailing market rates. We may also request extra shipping charges for heavy books and multivolume sets. However, we can reduce the shipping cost on bulk orders. Please contact us if you want to order in bulk at

How do I make payment?

Following payment options are available

  1. Credit Card (Visa/Master Cards) through Paypal Payflow (previously known as Verisign Payment Gateway): You can pay through your visa or master cards. We use VeriSign payment gateway (128 bit encrypted) to process your credit cards. Choose this payment method if your billing address is outside India. The settlement currency for this method is USD.
  2. Paypal.Com Account: is very popular option for making online payments. There are over 96 Million registered users of paypal worldwide. If you have a paypal account, you can use paypal as the payment option for your purchases outside India. The settlement currency is USD.

Do you accept Cheques as payment option?

We can accept Banker's Cheque or Demand Drafts from Indian Buyers if they are not able to pay through credit card or netbanking options.

I am from Japan,but want the books to be delivered in India. How should I Pay?

If you are from Japan or any other country other than India, choose your currency to be USD or Euro. If you want the books to be delivered in India, use Verisign Payment Gateway or

I am looking for a book, which is not listed in your database.

Please let us know by e-mail the name of the book and publisher.If possible, we will try to arrange one for you.

How do you send books?

Books are sent through either of the following means

  1. International Registered Book Post
  2. International Courier (through DHL/Fedex etc).
  3. Registered Book Post (within India Only)
  4. Through courier all over India.

What is the delivery period?

Generally, books are shipped within 2-5 days of confirmation of your order. It takes about 12-30 working days to reach books in USA and within 12-20 working days in most European countries from the date of purchase.

The delivery through courier takes about 3-7 working days.

If your shipping address is within India, the delivery may take about 3-7 days through Registered Book Post and and 2-4 days through courier.

What is your return policy ?

Our return policy is limited only if you receive books in very bad condition, In such cases, we will either send another copy of the book, if available, or issue a refund to the customer the amount charged minus shipping cost.

What is your Mail Address ?

You may contact us at

VK Global Publications Pvt. Ltd.

15/1, Main Mathura Road,

Near Sector 31,

Faridabad, Haryana - 121003 (India)

+91 129 7117719 (30 lines)

+91 129 4120077