About Us

Established in 1979, with more than three decades of leadership in the area of Economics and Commerce, VK Global Publications Pvt. Ltd. is now a household name. It is a modest, but a gratifying claim that has made us a pioneer Publication House in India.

Several of our publications are approved by the Board of School Education, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, and Jammu & Kashmir. The vast readership of our books at the university level (Punjab, H.P., Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar and Delhi Universities in particular) is a credible achievement of our publication house.

Specialising in the area of Economics and Commerce, we are not averse to the idea of diversification. Sticking to academic excellence as our mission, we have recently brought out a series of text books in natural sciences, focusing on physics and chemistry in particular.

A children book by Future Kids Publications is our business offshoot which has earned international acclaim. Display of our books at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany since 2006 and so on has earned us accolades of the international community of readers.

However, success of our publication is admittedly due to prudent prolific writers. We have resource-pool of reputed authors who leave no stone unturned in bringing out the best of study material which makes our readers versatile in their thought process and equips them with the exam-oriented acumen. Thousands of acknowledgements and appreciations that we receive every year from our readers are a good testimony to the sincere efforts and ardent endeavours of our authors.

Organizing academic interaction programmes is a routine affair of our publication house. In these programmes, our authors freely interact with subject teachers from all parts of the country and even abroad. This facilitates redressal of questions and queries by the readers and serves as a rich source o f new ideas for our writers. Our publication house offers a welcome-access to the lecturers and professors who are keen to contribute to our academic exercise of writing and designing the study material in different subjects.

We are committed to the publication of quality textbooks, enhancing and accelerating the process of self-learning among the students.

Gratifying it is that VK Global Publications Pvt. Ltd. was founded by a well-known academician, Prof. T.R. Jain, who devoted his lifetime to the teaching and writing of Economics. His inspiring thoughts continue to serve our publication house as a beckon light.

Simplicity of text material is our means and academic excellence is our mission.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to become the preferred source of knowledge in Total Quality Management and related fields and to support the quest of education and lifelong learning at all levels. The learning resources and services provided by us are carefully selected and situated to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and institutions we serve.

What drives us


Our Objective

To achieve this mission, we will: