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Advertising and Sales Management
Advertising and Sales Management

Title: Advertising and Sales Management

Class: M.Com.

Board: KUK -

Edition: 2018



Section- I- Advertising Management

1. Advertising - An Introduction

2. Communication Process

3. Advetising and Communication Mix

4. Economics and Social Aspects Advertising

5. Ethical Aspects of Advertising

6. Objectives of Advertising

7. Advertising Budget

8. Message Designing and Ad- Copy Development

9. Types of Advertising Media

10.Media Planning and Scheduling

11. Advertising Agency and its Role

12. Client Agency Relationship and Agency Remuneration

13. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

14. Advertising and Consumer Behaviour


Section- II- Sales Management

1. Sales Management- An Introduction

2. Fundamentals of Selling, Salesmanship and Personal Selling

3. Sales Planning

4. Sales Forecasting

5. Sales Budget

6. Sales Organisation- Organising the Sales Efforts

7. Sales Quotas and sales Territories

8. Sales Force Management: Recruitment and Selection of Sales Personnel

9. Sales Force Management: Training, Development and Induction

10. Compensating Sales Force

11. Sales Force Management: Motivating the Sales Personnel

12. Sales Meetings and Sales Contests

13. Control Process: Analysis of Sales Volume, Costs and Profitability

14. Sales Force Management: Controlling Sales Personnel

15. Ethical Issues in sales Management

16. International Sales Management