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Banking And Insurance(Sem-III)
Banking And Insurance(Sem-III)

Title: Banking And Insurance(Sem-III)

Class: B Com-II

Board: PBU - Panjabi University

Edition: 2018

Authors: Alok Goyal, Gurmeet Singh



Part-I: Banking

1. An Introduction to Financial and Banking System

2. Financial System and Economic Development

3. Types and Structure of India Banking System

4. Commericial Banks: Meaning and Functions

5. Central Bank: Meaning, Functions and Credit Control

6. RBI- Its Role and Functions

7. Monetary Policy and Its impact

8. Economic Liberalisation and Banking Sector Reforms

9. Impact Of Globalisation on Indian Bank Sector

10. The Payment and Electronic Fund Transfer System in India

11. Electronic and Mobile Banking: The Emerging Trends

12. Recent Trends in Indian Banking


Part-II Insurance

13. Introduction to Insurance

14. Principles, Types of Insurance and Their Features

15. Life Insurance

16. Fire Insurance

17. Marine Insurance

18. Accident and Motor Insurance

19. IRDA Act, 1999

20. Ombudsman