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Business Environment (Sem- III)
Business Environment (Sem- III)

Title: Business Environment (Sem- III)

Class: B Com-II


Edition: 2018



Semester- III

1. Indian Business Environment- Concept and Components

2. Analysis and Importance of Business Environment

3. Trends in National income

4. Trends in Saving and Investment

5. Trends in Industrial Development

6. Balance Finance

7. Money Supply, Prices, Inflation

8. Business Finance

9. Unemployment Problem in India

10. Problem of Poverty

11. Regional Imbalances

12. Social Injustice

13. Parallel Economy

14. Industrial Sickness

15. Monetary Policy of India

16. Fiscal Policy of India

17.Industrial Policy and Industrial Licensing Policy

18. Privatisation in India

19. Devalution

20. Export-Import (EXIM) Policy

21. Foreign Investment and its Regulation in India

22. Deficit Financing and its Implications

23. Government Budget

24. Economic Planning in India

25. Tenth Five Year Plan

26. Eleventh Five Year Plan

27. Twelfth Five Year Plan

28. Resource Allocation in Five Year Plans

29. Consumerism and consumer Protection Act

30. Foreign Exchange Management Act- (FEMA)

31. Competition Act,2002