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Business Laws (Sem-I ) Hons.
Business Laws (Sem-I ) Hons.

Title: Business Laws (Sem-I ) Hons.

Class: B Com-I

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2018

Authors: Ashok Sharma


Semester- I

Unit- I: General Principle of Law of contract 

1. Business Law: An Overview

2. Indian Contract Act, 1872: An Introduction

3. Contract: Meaning Characteristics and Essential Elements

4. Offer (Proposal), Acceptance and Revocation

5. Contractual Capacity Of Parties

6. free Consent of Parties

7. Lawful consideration and Object

8. Agreements Expressly Declared as Void 

9. Legal formalities: Written and Registered 

10. Contingent Contracts

11. Proformance of Contracts

12. Discharge of contract

13. Implied, Quasi or constructive contracts 

14. Consequences of Breach of Contract


Unit II: Specific Contracts

15. contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee

16. Contracts of Bailment and Pledge

17. Contracts of Agency


Unit III: The sale of Goods act, 1930, 

18. Sale of Goods Act, 1930: An overview

19. Contract of Sale

20.  Conditions and Warranties

21. Transfer of Property or Ownership

22. Performance of the Contract of sale

23. Unpaid Seller

24. Remedies for Breach of Contract


Unit- IV: Partnership Laws

25. indian Partnership Act, 1932

26. Dissolution of Partnership and Firm

27. Registration of Partnership Firm

*28. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008: An Overview

*29. Limited Liability Partners: Their Relations and Liability


Unit - V: The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

30. Meaning and Nature of Negotiable Instruments

31. Kinds of Negotiable Instruments

32. Parties to Negotiable Instruments

33. Negotiation, Endorsement and Acceptance

* chapter 28 and chapter 29 are not in the Syllabus of UTKAL University