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Business Studies (Poonam Gandhi)
Business Studies (Poonam Gandhi)

Title: Business Studies (Poonam Gandhi)

Class: XI

Board: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education

Edition: 2019

Authors: Poonam Gandhi


Part A: Foundations of Business


1.      Nature and Purpose of Business


1.      History of Trade and Commerce

2.      Business–Concept

3.      Types of Human Activities

4.      Concept and Characteristics of Business

5.      Objectives of Business

6.      Role of Profit 6 in the Business

7.      Classification of Business Activities

8.      Industry: Meaning and Types

9.      Commerce

10.  Business Risk


2.      Forms of Business Organisations

             1. Introduction

 2. Forms of Private Sector Enterprises

             3. Co-operative Organisation

             4. Formation of a Joint Stock Company

                5. Important Documents used in the Formation of a Company

                6. Choice of form of Business Enterprise


3.      Private, Public and Global Enterprises

1.      Introduction

2.      Role of Private Sector vs. Public Sector since Independence

3.      Forms/types of Public Sector Enterprises

4.      Changing Role of Public Sector

5.      Multinational Companies/Global Enterprises

6.      Joint Venture

7.      Public Private Partnership


4.      Business Services

1.      Meaning

2.      Characteristics/Features/Nature of Service

3.      Classification or Types of Services

4.      Various Categories of Business Services


5.      Emerging Modes of Business

1.      Introduction

2.      Meaning and Scope of E- Business

3.      Resources Required for successful Implementation of E Business

4.      E- Business V/S Traditional Business

5.      Outsourcing Concept

6.      Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

7.      Smart Card and ATM’s Meaning and Utility


6.      Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics

1.      Introduction

2.      Concept of Social Responsibility

3.      Social Responsibility Towards Different Interest Groups

4.      Business and Environment Protection

5.      Business Ethics



Part B: Finance and Trade


7.      Sources of Business Finance

1.      Meaning

2.      Nature and Significance of Business Finance

3.      Sources of Finance on the Basis of Ownership

4.      Sources of Raising Finance