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Company Law (Sem-III)
Company Law (Sem-III)

Title: Company Law (Sem-III)

Class: B Com-II

Board: HPU - Himachal Pradesh University

Edition: 2018

Authors: Ashok Gupta


Semester- III

1. Historical Devlopment Of Company Law in India

2. Company: Meaning, Charateristics and Nature

3. Types of Companies 

4. Private Company

5. Formation, Promotion and Incorporation of a company

6. Memorandum of Association

7. Articles of Association

8. Prospectus

9. Global Despository Receipts(GDRs)

10.  Shares: Kinds of Shares, Voting Rights of Shareholders

11. Allotment and Issue of Shares

12. Share Capital of Company

13.Share Certificate and Share Warrant

14. Transfer and Transmission of Shares

15.  Issue and Allotment of Debentures

16. Management and Control of companies

17. Company meetings and Resoultions

18. Meetings' Procedure or Requisites of a valid Meeting

19. Committees of Board of Directors

20. Provisions Relating to Payment of Dividend

21. Provisions Relating to Books of Accounts

22. Provisions Relating to Audit

23. Auditior's Reports

24. Secretarial Audit

25. Winding up of the Company

26. Insider Trading

27. Whistle Blowing