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Contemporary Issue In Indian Economy (Sem-V)
Contemporary Issue In Indian Economy (Sem-V)

Title: Contemporary Issue In Indian Economy (Sem-V)

Class: B.A-III

Board: HPU - Himachal Pradesh University

Edition: 2018

Authors: Mukesh Trehan, Ranju Trehan, T. R. Jain


Semester- V

1. Nature of Indian Economy

2. Economic Planning in India

3. Features and Appraisal Of Economics Reforms

4. Agriculture in India: Growth Trends, Causes of Slow Growth and Future Challenges

5. Green Revolution

6. Agricultural Policy, Economic Liberalisation and Emerging Trends

7. Growth and Pattern of Industrialisation

8. Industrial Policy and Its impact on Industrial Sector

9. Private sector in India

11. Centre- State Financial Realtions in India

12. Indian Public Finance, Fiscal policy and Fiscal Reforms

13. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003

14. Inter Governemntal Transfers and Expenditure Reforms in India