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Development  Economics (Sem-V)
Development Economics (Sem-V)

Title: Development Economics (Sem-V)

Class: B.A-III

Board: HPU - Himachal Pradesh University

Edition: 2018



Semester- V

1. The Concept of Growth and Development

2. Underdevelopment and the Features of Underdeveloped Economics

3. Determinants of Development

4. Measures of Economics Development

5. Economics Growth and Inequality: Kuznets' Inverted 'U' Hypothesis

6. Capital Formation and Economics Development

7. Role of Technology and Institutional factors in Economics Development

8. Indian Development Experience 

9. Theories of Underdevelopment

10. Dualism: Social and Technological

11. Classical Model of Growth

12. Marxian Model of Growth

13. Theory of Big Push

14. Theory of Balanced Growth

15. Thory of Unbalanced Growth

16. Import Substitution and Export Promotion Strategies pf Development