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Development Economics (Hons.)Sem-V Utkal Uni.
Development Economics (Hons.)Sem-V Utkal Uni.

Title: Development Economics (Hons.)Sem-V Utkal Uni.

Class: B Com-III

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2018



1. Economics Growth and Development

2. Measurement of Economics Development

3. Determinats of Economics Development

4. Obstacles of Economic Development

5.Vicious Circle of Poverty

6. Captital Formation

7. Classical Model Of growth

8. Marxian Model of Growth

9. Schumpeter's Model of Growth

10. Rostow's Theory of Stage of Growth

11. Solow model of Growth

12. Inequality

13. Poverty: Measurement and Classification

14. Institutions and economics Development

15. Role of the Government in A Market Economy

16. Market Sucess and Market Failure

17. Corruption and Economic Development

18. Agriculture, Industry and Economics Development