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Development Economics (Sem-V)
Development Economics (Sem-V)

Title: Development Economics (Sem-V)

Class: B.A-III

Board: KUK -

Edition: 2018

Authors: T. R. Jain


Semester- V

1. The concept of Growth and Development

2. Ubderdevelopment and the Features of Underdeveloped Economies

3. Approaches to Economic Development

4. Determinants of Development

5. Poverty: Measurement and Classification

6. Vicious Circle of Poverty

7. Population Problem and Growth Pattern of Population in Developing Countries

8. Measures of Economic Development- Traditional and POLI

9. UNDP Measures of Economic Development

10. Classical Model of Growth

11. Marxian Model of Model

12. Steady State Growth- An Introduction

13. Harrod- Domar's Model of Growth

14. Solow Model of Growth

15. Joan Robinson Model Growt