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Development Economics (Sem-V)(Hons) Odisha
Development Economics (Sem-V)(Hons) Odisha

Title: Development Economics (Sem-V)(Hons) Odisha

Class: B.A-III

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2018

Authors: T. R. Jain


1. Economics Growth and Development

2. Measurement of Economics Development

3. Determinants of Economics Development

4. Obstacles to Economics Development

5. Vicious Circle of Poverty

6. Capital Formation

7. Classical Model of Growth

8. Lewis Model Of unlimited supply of Labour

9. Schumpeter's model of growth

10. Marxian Model of growth

11. Harrod- Domar's Model of Growth

12. Solow Model of Growth

13. Dualism: Social and Techonology

14.  Theory of Big Push

15. Leibenstein's Critical Minimum Efforts Thesis

16. Balanced Growth as a Strategy of Economics Development

17. Unbalanced Growth as Strategy of Economics Development

18. Rostow's Theory of Stages of Growth

19. Fei and Ranis Model

20. Endogeneous Growth Models (Lucas & Romar)

21. Human Capital and Growth

22. Theory of Economics Planning

23. Price Mechanism and Planning

24. Inequality

25. Poverty: Measurement and Classification

26. Public goods and Economic Development

27. Corruption and Economics Development

28. Institutions and Economics Development