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Development Economics
Development Economics

Title: Development Economics

Class: B.A-III

Board: GNDU -

Edition: 2018

Authors: A.S. Sandhu, T. R. Jain


1. Economics Development : Meaning and Measurement

2. Determinants of Economic Development

3. Characterstics of Underdeveloped Countries

4. Dualism- Social and Technological

5. Lewis Theory of Unlimited Supply of Labour

6. Unemployment

7. Disguised Unemployment

8. Classical Model of growth

9. Marxian Model of Growth

10. Schumpeter's Model of Growth

11. Harrod- Domar's Model of Growth

12. Solow's Model : A Neo- Classical Model of Growth

13. Rostow's Theory of Stages of Growth

14. Balanced Growth as a Strategy of Economic Development

15. Unbalanced Growth as a Strategy of Economic Development

16. Theory of Big Push

17. Leibenstein's Critical Minimum Effort Thesis

18. Export Promotion and Import Substitution as Strategies of Development

19. Capital Formation : Meaning and Sources

20. Choice of Technique

21. Role of Planning in Underdeveloped Economics

22. Sustainable Development