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Economic Development. and Policy in India
Economic Development. and Policy in India

Title: Economic Development. and Policy in India

Class: B Com-II

Board: DU - Delhi University

Edition: 2018

Authors: B. D. Majhi, T. R. Jain, V.K. Ohri


Section- A- Issues in Development and Planning with Reference to India

1. The Concept of Growth and Development

2. Characteristics of underdeveloped Countries and the Indian Economy

3. Determinants of Development

4. Role of Physical and Human Capital Formation in Economic Development

5. Development Strategy

6. Population- A Challenge for India's Development

7. Some Issues of Population Growth in India

8. Employment and Unemployment in India

9. Challenge of Poverty

10. Economic Inequality in India

11. Economic Planning in India: Objectives, strategy and Achievements

12. Financing tha plans

13. Saving and Investment in India

14. Economic Reforms in India Since 1991 (New Economic Policy)

15. Financial Relations between the Centre and the States

Section- B

Sectoral Aspects of the Indian Economy

16. Agriculture in India: Importance and Growth

17. Backwardness of Indian Agriculture: Causes and Remedial Measures

18. Land Reforms in India

19. New Agricultural Strategy and the Green Revolution

20. Agriculture Credit in India

21. Agricultural Labour in India

22. Agricultural Marketing

23.  Agricultural Price Policy

24. Farm Mechnaisation and Choice of Techonology

25. Industrial Growth in India: Trends, Importance and Problems

26. Industrial policy

27. Cottage and small scale Industries in India

28. Industrial Finance

29. Public sector and Private Sector Enterprises in the india Economy

30. Foreign Capital and Multinational Corporations in India

31. India's Foreign Trade

32. Balance of Payment and Trade Policy

33. India and the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

34. Price Behaviour and Price Policies in India