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Title: Entrepreneurship

Class: XII

Board: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education

Edition: 2019

Authors: Poonam Gandhi


Unit-I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities

1.1 Sensing enterpreneurial Opportunities

1.2 Environment Scanning

1.3 Problem Identification

1.4 Spotting Trends

1.5 Cretivity and Innovation


Unit-II- Entrepreneurial Planning

2.1 Forms of Business Entities

2.2 Business Plan

2.3 Organisational Plan

2.4 Operational and Production Plan

2.5 Financial Plan

2.6 Marketing Plan

2.7 Human Resource planning

2.8 Creating the plan

2.9 Formalities for starting a Business


Unit- III: Enterprise Marketing

3.1 Goals of Business, Goal setting, smart Goals

3.2 Marketing and Sales Strategy


Unit- IV- Enterprise Growth Strategies

4.1 Franchising

4.2 merger and acquisition

4.3 Moving uo the  Value Chain and Value Addition


Unit- V: Business Arithmetic

5.1 Unit Sale, Unit Cost, Unit Price

5.2 Breakeven Analysis

5.3 Imporatnce and Use of Cash Flow Projections

5.4 Budgeting and Managing the Finance

5.5 Computatiom of Working Capital

5.6 Inventory Control and EOQ

5.7 ROI (Return on Investment) ROE (Return of Equity)


Unit- VI : Resources Mobilisation

6.1 Angel Investor

6.2 Venture Capital Funds

6.3 Stock Market: Funds 

6.4 Institutional Finance

6.5 Specialised Financial Institutions


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