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Entrepreneurship (Sem-V)
Entrepreneurship (Sem-V)

Title: Entrepreneurship (Sem-V)

Class: B Com-III

Board: HPU - Himachal Pradesh University

Edition: 2018

Authors: Sanjeet Sharma


1. Entrepreneur

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

4. Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

5. Entrepreneurship and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

6. Family Business

7. Contemporary Roles Models in Indian Business

8. Entrepreneurship Stimulation

9. Support and Sustainability of Entrepreneurship

10. Institutional Support

11. Role of Associations and Self Help Groups in Entrepreneurship

12. Business Incubators, Angel Investors, venture capital and Private Equity Fund

13. Business  Idea: Sources and Testing of Feasibility

14. Business Plan

15. Business Processes: Operational and Managerial

16. Projects Report and Appraisal

17. Resources Mobilisation for Start- up

18. Contract Mangement for Start- up