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Foreign Trade of India (Sem III)
Foreign Trade of India (Sem III)

Title: Foreign Trade of India (Sem III)

Class: B Com-II

Board: KUK -

Edition: 2018

Authors: Mukesh Trehan, Ranju Trehan, T. R. Jain


Semester- III

1. Foreign Trade of India- Composition, Direction and Trends

2. Balance of Payments

3. Foreign Market Selection and Entry Modes

4. Product Planning for International Markets

5. International Product Life Cycle

6. Export Procedure and Documentation

7. International Price Quatations and Methods of Payment

8. Foreign Trade Policy and Star Trading Housing

9. Export Promotion measures and Export Oriented unit

10. Special Economics Zones (Sezs)

11.  World Trade Organisation (WTO)

12. World Bank

13. International monetary Fund(IMF)