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Fundamental of Management And Organisationl Behaviour (Sem-I)
Fundamental of Management And Organisationl Behaviour (Sem-I)

Title: Fundamental of Management And Organisationl Behaviour (Sem-I)

Class: BBA-I

Board: HPU - Himachal Pradesh University

Edition: 2018

Authors: R.K. Singla



1. Management: An Introduction

2. Evolution of Management Thought: Various Approches

3. Management by Objectives

Unit- II

4. Planning and types of plans

5. Decision- Making: Process and Types

6. Controlling: Concept and Process

7. Control Techniques: Traditional and Modern

8. Organising: Nature and Principles

9. Forms of Common Organisation Structure

10. Delegation: Process and Principles

11. Decentralisation: Meaning and Affecting Factors


unit- III

12. Organissational Behaviour: An introduction

13. Perception: Meaning, nature and Process

14. Personality: Meaning, Determinants, Types and Theories

15. Motivation: Theories and Applications

16. Leadership: Concept and Comtemporary Issues

Unit- IV

17. Group and Group Dynamics 

18. Team Building and Development

19. Transactional Analysis and Interpersonal Relationship

20. Organisational Conflicts: Meaning, Sources and Types

21. Organisational change or management of change