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Indian Economy (Sem-VI)
Indian Economy (Sem-VI)

Title: Indian Economy (Sem-VI)

Class: B.A-III

Board: PBU - Panjabi University

Edition: 2017



Semester- VI

1. Features of Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

2. Features Of Indian Economy Since Independence

3. Agriculture in India- Importance and Productivity

4. New Agricultural Strategy

5. Green Revolution

6. Land Reforms

7. Role and Problems of Industrial Development in India

8. Public Sector in India

9. Private Sectore in India

10. Industrial Policy

11. Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation

12. Small Scale Industries in India

13. Large Scale Industries in India

14. Features of Indian Tax Structure

15. Centre -State Financial Relations in India

16. Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments Problem

17. Multinational Corporations

18. Economic Planning in India

19. Twelfth Five Year Plan

20. Inflation in India

21. Problem of Unemplyment in India

22. Problem of Poverty in India

23. Consumer Education and COnsumer Protection