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Indian Economy (Sem-VI)
Indian Economy (Sem-VI)

Title: Indian Economy (Sem-VI)

Class: B Com-III

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2019




1.  Basic Issue is Economic Development

2. Fearures of India Economy at the Time of Independence

3. Economic Planning in India

4. Economic Reforms and Liberalisation

5. Growth and Structural Changes in National Income of India 

6. Pattern of Assets Ownership and Concentraction of Economic Power

7. Economic Policy Changes Since 1991

8. Problem of Umemplyment in India

9. Problem of Poverty in India

10. Human Development Indicators

11. Environmental Concerns of Growth

12. Demographic Features of Indian Population and Its Implact on Economic Development

13. Agriculture in India: Growth and Performance

14. Green Revolution and Food Security

15. Agriculture Price Policy

16. Role and Pattern of Industrialisation

17. Small Scale Industries in India

18. Role and Performance of Public Sector

19. Role of Foreign Capital

20. Service Sector in India

21. Financial Sector- Structure, Role and Reforms

22. Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments 

23. Foreign Trade Policy (EXIM Policy)

24. World Trade Organisation and Its Impact on India Economy

25. Currency COnvertibility

26. Monetary Policy of India 

27. Fiscal Policy of India

28. Inflation

29. Natural and Frictional Unemployment, and Labour Market Interaction with Production System

30. Phillips Curve: The Trade Off Between Inflation and Umployment