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International Trade (Sem-V)
International Trade (Sem-V)

Title: International Trade (Sem-V)

Class: B Com-III

Board: MDU - Maharshi Dayanand University

Edition: 2018



Semester- V

1. International Business and Trade- An Introduction

2. international Business Environment- Concept and Components

3. Risk in International Business

4. Globalisation

5. Modes of Entering into International Business

6. Foreign Investment and Impact of FDI

7. Multinational Enterprises

8. Foreign Exchange and Exchange Rate

9. Balance of Payments

10. Classical Theory of International Trade- Absolute Advantage and Comparative Advantage Theory

11. Modern Theories of International Trade- Factor Proportion Theory and Product Life Cycle Theory

12. Control Mechanism for international Business and Government Intervention

13. World Trade Organisation (WTO)

14. International Monetary Fund(IMF)

15. World Bank

16. International Marketing-I- Assessing Markets, Designing Products and Branding Decisions

17. International Marketing-II- Pricing, Promotion, Distribution and Logistics