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Introductory Microeconomics (Hons.)(E)Sem-I Odisha
Introductory Microeconomics (Hons.)(E)Sem-I Odisha

Title: Introductory Microeconomics (Hons.)(E)Sem-I Odisha

Class: BA

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2018



Semester- 1

1.Nature and Scope of Economics

2. Problem of Scarcity and Choice

3. Economics System and Solution of Central Problems

4. A Simple Model of Individuals and Firms interaction in Market

5. Demand, Supply and Market equilibrium

6. Applications of Demand and Supply

7. Elasticity od Demand and Supply

8. Consumer Theory: Indifference Curve approach

9. Price Effect, Income effect and substitution effect

10. Production Function and Laws of production

11. Theory of Costs

12. Concepts of Revenue

13. Price Determination under Perfect competition

14. Theory of a Monopoly Firm

15. Remedies for Monopoly: Anti- Trust Policy

16. Labour and Land Markets