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Macroeconomics Sem-II
Macroeconomics Sem-II

Title: Macroeconomics Sem-II

Class: B.A-I

Board: PBU - Panjabi University

Edition: 2018



Semester- II

1. Introduction to Macroeconomics

2. COnsumption Function

3. Investment Function

4. Marginal Efficiency of Capital

5. Multiplier

6. Classical Theory of Income and Employment Determination

7. Say's Law of Market

8. Keynesian Theory of Income and Employment Determination

9. Money: Definition, Function and Role

10. Quantity Theory of Money

11. Keynesian Liquidity Preference Theory

12. Bank: Meaning and Functions

13. Credit Creation

14. Inflation

15. Monetary Policy

16. Fiscal Policy

17. Trade Cycle

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