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Macroeconomics (Sem-III) Hons.
Macroeconomics (Sem-III) Hons.

Title: Macroeconomics (Sem-III) Hons.

Class: B.A-II

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2018

Authors: B. D. Majhi, T. R. Jain


Semester- III

1. Some Basic Concepts in Macroeconomics

2. Static Macroeconomic Analysis in Long Run (Classical Model)

3. Components of Aggregate Demad

4. Te Keybesian Model of Income Determination (Short Run Analysis)

5. Multipler 

6. IS-LM Model

7. Derivation of Aggregate Demand Curvefrom IS-LM model

8. Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy

9. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis

10. Inflation

11. Unemplyment

12. Phillips Curves: the tradeoff between inflation and Unemployment

13. International flow of goods and capital-- A Small open Economy Case

14. International flow of goods and Capital-- A Large open Economy Case

15. IS- Lm Framework for a small open Economy: Mundell- Fleming Model

16. Investment Spending 

17. Money Supply

18. Demand for Money