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Macroeconomics (Sem-III)
Macroeconomics (Sem-III)

Title: Macroeconomics (Sem-III)

Class: BBA-II

Board: HPU - Himachal Pradesh University

Edition: 2018

Authors: T. R. Jain


1. Introduction to Macroeconomics

2. Concepts of GDP and National Income

3. National Income and Related Aggregates

4. Measurment of National Income

5. Classical Theory of Employment

6. Quantity Theory of Money

7. Keynesian Theory of Income and Employment

8. Multiplier

9. IS-LM Analysis

10. Money in a Modern Economy

11. Money Supply

12. Monetary Policy

13. Inflation

14. Philips Curve: The Trade off Between Inflation and Unemployment

15. Balance of Payments

16. Foreign Exchange 

17. Mundell Fleming Model