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Macroeconomics (Sem-III & IV)
Macroeconomics (Sem-III & IV)

Title: Macroeconomics (Sem-III & IV)

Class: B.A-II

Board: MDU - Maharshi Dayanand University

Edition: 2018

Authors: B. D. Majhi, Kartik Arora, T. R. Jain



1. Introduction to Macroeconomics

2. Basic Concept of National Income Accounting

3. Measurement of National Income and Related Aggregates

4. Central Statistical Organisation and Measurement of National Income in India

5. Some Basic Concepts Relatinf to National Income Determination

6. Consumption Function

7. Investment Function

8. Determination of Equilibrium GDP

9. The concept of Multiplier

10. National Income Determination in a Three Sector Closed Economy

11. National Income Determinaion in an Open Economy

12. Determination of GDP and Price Level in the Short Run

13. Determination of GDP and Price Level in the Long Run

Semester IV

1. Money in a Modern Economy 

2. 2. Supply of Money 

3. Demand for Money and Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest 
4. Quantity Theory of Money 
5. Credit Creation 
6. Monetary Policy 
7. IS–LM Analysis 
8. Theories of Trade Cycle: Samuelson and Hicks Models 
9. Harrod–Domar Growth Model 
10. Gains from International Trade 
11. Balance of Payments 
12. Foreign Exchange 
13. Nature and Scope of Public Finance 
14. Principle of Maximum Social Advantage 
15. Public Expenditure 
16. Taxation System 
17. Impact and Incidence of Taxation