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Mathematics for Economists Sem-I
Mathematics for Economists Sem-I

Title: Mathematics for Economists Sem-I

Class: M.A

Board: GNDU -

Edition: 2018

Authors: Leena Gupta, R.K. Rana, S.C. Aggarwal


1. Matrices and Determinants and Economics Application (including Gauss Elimination Method)

2. Introducation to Input-Output analysis (An Application of Matrix Algebra)

3. Vectors, Quadratic Forms, Eigen Roots and Eigen Vectors

4. Functions, Limit and Continuity

5. Simple Derivatives and its Economic Applications

6. Partial and Total Derivaties and their Economic Applications

7. Maxima and Minima and their Economic Applications

8. Integration and its Economic Applications

9. Differential Equations and its Economic Applications

10. Difference Equations and its Economic Applications

11. Linear Programming - Graphic Method

12. Linear Programming - Simplex Method

13. Duality in Linear Programming

14. Game Theory

15. A.P and G.P. Series and their Economic Applications

16. Set Theory and its Economic Applications

17. Analytical Geometry and its Economic Applications

18. Linear and Quadratic Equations and Economic Applications

19. Miscellaneous Topics

20. Growth Rate and its Measurement

21. Present Value (or Capital Value) and its Applications