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Micro Business Environment (Sem- III) (E)
Micro Business Environment (Sem- III) (E)

Title: Micro Business Environment (Sem- III) (E)

Class: BBA-II

Board: KU - Kurukshetra University

Edition: 2018

Authors: Mukesh Trehan, Ranju Trehan


1. Business Environment: Concept, Components and types

2. Environmental Scanning and Significance of Business Environment

3. Economics Environment of Business

4. Social Environment of Business

5. Political Environment of Business 

6. Risk in Business Environment: Country Risk and Political Risk

7. Economics Systems: Capitalism, Socialism and Mixed Economy

8. Economic Planning in India

9. Tenth five year Plan

10. Eleventh Five year Plan

11. Twelfth five year Paln

12. Economics Role of Government in business and State Intervention in Business 

13. Constitutional Environement

14. Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

15. Profectionalisation of Business

16. Competitive Environment of Business: MRTP Act, 1969 and Competition Act, 2002