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Microeconomics (Sem- I)
Microeconomics (Sem- I)

Title: Microeconomics (Sem- I)

Class: B.A-I

Board: KUK -

Edition: 2018

Authors: Meenu Jain, T. R. Jain



1. Nature and Scope of Economics

2. The Economics Problem: Scarcity and Choice

3. Economics Systems: Characterstics and Functions

4. Theory of Demand

5. Elasticity of Demand

6. Utility Analysis and Consumer's Equilibrium

7. Indifference Curves Analysis and Consumer's Equilibrium

8. Consumer's Surplus

9. production Function and Laws of Production

10. Isoquants and Isocost Lines: Producer's Equilibrium

11. Supply and Elasticity of Supply

12. Theory of Costs

13. Concepts o Revenue

14. Break-Even Analysis and Its Uses

Case Studies