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Microeconomics (Sem-I &II)
Microeconomics (Sem-I &II)

Title: Microeconomics (Sem-I &II)

Class: B.A-I

Board: MDU - Maharshi Dayanand University

Edition: 2018

Authors: O P Khanna, T. R. Jain, V.K. Ohri


Semester- I

1. Nature and Scope of Economics

2. The Economics Problem: Scarcity and Choice

3. Economics Organisation and Economic System

4. Micro and Macro Economics

5. Concepts of Demand and Law of Demand

6. Elasticity of Demand

7. Consumer Theory- Cardinal Utility Analysis 

8. Ordinal Utility Theory: Indifferent Curve Approach

9. Firms as Agents of Production

10. Production Function and Laws of Production

11. Isoquant Curves and Producer's Equilibrium

12. Concepts of Supply and Law of Supply

13. Theory of Costs

14. Concepts of Revenue

Semester- II

1. Market Stucture

2. Theory of Perfect Competiton

3. Theory of A Monopoly Firm

4. Theory of Monopolistic Competition

5. Oligopoly

6. Market Success and Market Failure

7. Theory Of Factor Pricing

8. Rent

9. Inerest

10. Profit