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Microeconomics (Sem-I)
Microeconomics (Sem-I)

Title: Microeconomics (Sem-I)

Class: B.A-I

Board: GNDU -

Edition: 2018

Authors: A.S. Sandhu, S K Khurana, T. R. Jain

Contents- Sem-1

1. Definition of Economics

2. Scope of Economics

3. Basic Concepts

4. Basic Economics Problems

5. Demand Function, Supply Function and Price Determination

6. Slope and Elasticity of Demand

7. Utility Analysis

8. Indifference Curve Analysis

9. Theory of Revealed Preference

10. Theory of Production

11. Theory Of costs

12. Concepts of revenue

13. Market Forms

14. Price Determonation Under Perfect Competiton

15. Equilibrium of Firm and Industry under perfect Competiton

16. Monoploy

17. Monopolistic Competition

18. Theory of Factor Pricing

19. Rent

20. Interst

21. Profit