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Microeconomics and Indian Economy (Sem-I)
Microeconomics and Indian Economy (Sem-I)

Title: Microeconomics and Indian Economy (Sem-I)

Class: B.A-I

Board: PBU - Panjabi University

Edition: 2018

Authors: Mukesh Trehan, T. R. Jain




1. Definition of Economics

2. Scope of Economics

3. Theory of Demand

4. Elasticity of Demand

5. Utility Analysis

6. Indifference Curve Analysis

7. Consumer's Surplus

8. Theory of production

9. Theory of Costs

10. Market Forms

11. Concepts of Revenue

Indian Economy

1. Nature and Characteristics of India Economy

2. New Agricultural Strategy

3. Green Revolution

4. Industrial Policy of India

5. Small Scale Industries in India

6. Major Large Scale Industries in India

7. Public Sector in India

8. Private Sector In India