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Microeconomics (Sem-I)
Microeconomics (Sem-I)

Title: Microeconomics (Sem-I)

Class: B.A-I

Board: KUK -

Edition: 2018

Authors: T. R. Jain



1. Nature and Scope of Economics

2. Micro and Macro Economics

3. Theory and Demand

4. Elasticity of Demand

5. Cardinal Utility Approach

6. Indifference Curve Approach

7. Production Function and Laws of Production

8. Isoquant Curve and Producer's Equilibrium

9. Theory of Costs

10. Concepts of Revenue

11. Concepts of Supply and Law of Supply

12. Price Determination Under Perfect Competiton

13. Equilibrium of Firm and Industry under Perfect Competition

14. Price Determination Under Monopoly

15. Price Determination Under Monopoly