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Political Science
Political Science

Title: Political Science

Class: XII

Board: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education

Edition: 2019




Part- A: Contemporary World Politics

1. The Cold War Era

2. The ENd of Bipolarity

3. US Hegemony in World Politics

4. Alternative Centres of Power

5. Contemporary South Asia

6. International Organisation

7. Security in the Contemporary World

8. Environment and Natural Resources 

9. Globalisation


Part- B: Politics in India Since Independence

1. Challenges of Nation Building

2. Era of One-Party Dominance

3. Politics of Planned Development

4. India's External Relations

5. Challenges to the Congress System

6. Crisis of the Democratic Order

7. Rise of Popular Movements

8. Regional Aspirations

9. Recent Developments in India Politics


* CBSE Question Paper-2018

* CBSE Sample Question Paper-2019