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Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
Security Analysis And Portfolio Management

Title: Security Analysis And Portfolio Management

Class: MBA/M.Com.

Board: KUK -

Edition: 2018

Authors: Sushil Bajaj


Part-1 Security Analysis

1.Nature and Scope of Investment

2. Risk and Return

3. Depositories

4. Listing of Securities

5. Primary Market

6. Secondary Market

7. Fundamental Analysis-I: Economic Analysis (Part-I)

Industry Analysis (Part-II)

Company Analysis (Part- III)

8. Technical Analysis

9. Efficient Market Hypothesis

10. Equity Valuation and Equity Portfolio Management Strategies

11. Bond Valuation and Bond Portfolio Management Strategies


Part- II Portfolio Management

12. Portfolio Theory and Mathematics

13. Allocation Decisions

14. Markowitz Model

15. Sharpe Index Model

16. Capital Asset Pricing Model and Arbitrage Pricing Theory

17. Financial Derivatives

18. Option Strategies