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Statistical Methods for Economics (Sem-III) Hons.
Statistical Methods for Economics (Sem-III) Hons.

Title: Statistical Methods for Economics (Sem-III) Hons.

Class: B.A-II

Board: UTKAL - Uttarakhand Board

Edition: 2018

Authors: S.C. Aggarwal, T. R. Jain


Semester- III

Model- I Data Collection and Measures of Central Tredency and Dispersion

1. Introduction to Statistics

2. Collection of Data

3. Classification of Data: Frequency Distribution

4. Presentation of Data (Diagrams and Graphs)

5. Measures of Central Tendency-II (Geometric)

6. Measures of Central Tendency-II(Geometric and Harmonic Mean)

7.Measures of Dispersion

8. Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis

Appendix: A Note on Moments

Module- II: Correlation Analsis

9. Correlation Analysis-I (Simple Correlation)

10. Correlation Analysis- II (Multiple and Partial)

Module- III Regression Analysis

11. Regression Analysis

Module- IV: Time Series and Index Number 

12. Time Series Analysis

13. Index Numbers

Module- V: Probability Theory

14. Probability Theory

15. Random Variable, Probability Distribution and Mathematical Expectation

16. Theoretical (Probability) Distribution: Binomial and Poisson Distributions

17. Theoretical (Probability) Distribution: Normal Distribution

18. Sampling