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Xam Idea Complete Course Mathematics
Xam Idea Complete Course Mathematics

Title: Xam Idea Complete Course Mathematics

Class: IX

Board: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education

Edition: 2018




UNIT 1: Number Systems

  1. Real Numbers

UNIT 2: Algebra

  1. Polynomials 
  2. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables 
  3. Quadratic Equations 
  4. Arithmetic Progressions

UNIT 3: Coordinate Geometry

  1. Coordinate Geometry 

UNIT 4: Geometry

  1. Triangles 
  2. Circles 
  3. Constructions 

UNIT 5: Trigonometry

  1. Introduction to Trigonometry 
  2. Heights and Distances 

UNIT 6: Mensuration

  1. Areas Related to Circles 
  2. Surface Areas and Volumes 

UNIT 7: Statistics & Probability

  1. Statistics 
  2. Probability 




  Periodic Test Papers 

  Pre-mid Term Test Paper

  Mid Term Test Paper

  Post-mid Term Test Paper

  CBSE Sample Question Paper–2018 

  CBSE Examination Paper–2018 

  Blue Prints 

  Model Question Papers 1 to 10 (Unsolved)