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Xam idea Complete Course Social Science
Xam idea Complete Course Social Science

Title: Xam idea Complete Course Social Science

Class: X

Board: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education

Edition: 2018



Unit–I  History: India and The Contemporary World–II

  1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China 
  3. Nationalism in India 
  4. The Making of a Global World 
  5. The Age of Industrialisation 
  6. Work, Life and Leisure 
  7. Print Culture and the Modern World 
  8. Novels, Society and History 


Unit–II Geography: Contemporary India–II

  1. Resources and Development 
  2. Water Resources 
  3. Agriculture 
  4. Minerals and Energy Resources 
  5. Manufacturing Industries 
  6. Life Lines of National Economy 

Unit–III Political Science: Democratic Politics–II

  1. Power Sharing 
  2. Federalism 
  3. Democracy and Diversity 
  4. Gender, Religion and Caste 
  5. Popular Struggles and Movements 

[Chapter 5 is to be done as Project Work
only and will not be evaluated in theory]

  1. Political Parties 
  2. Outcomes of Democracy 
  3. Challenges to Democracy 


Unit–IV  Economics: Understanding Economic Development

  1. Development 
  2. Sectors of the Indian Economy 
  3. Money and Credit 
  4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy 
  5. Consumer Rights 

 Examination Corner 

  Pre-mid Term Test Paper

  Mid Term Test Paper

  Post-mid Term Test Paper

  CBSE Sample Paper 2018 (Solved) 

  CBSE Examination Paper 2018 (Solved) 

  Model Question Paper 1 (Solved) 

  Model Question Papers 2-5 (Unsolved) 

 Project Work 

  Disaster Management

  Political Science