Learning is no longer just a stage of life but a lifelong journey.

VK Global Publications has provided high-quality educational materials to students since 1979 with a vision of academic excellence. Our founder, Prof. T.R. Jain, dedicated his life to teaching and writing Economics. Today, our books have gained approval from the Board of School Education in multiple states, and we take pride in our vast readership, across the nation and Indian Curriculum schools across the globe. 

Our success is a testament to the prudent and prolific writers in our pool of reputed authors. They bring out the best study material, making our readers versatile in their thought processes and equipping them with exam-oriented acumen. Every year, we receive thousands of acknowledgements and appreciation from our readers, which motivates our authors' sincere efforts and ardent endeavours.

We believe in collaboration and regularly organize academic interaction programs where our authors interact with subject teachers from all over the country and abroad. This facilitates our readers' redressal of questions and queries and serves as a rich source of new ideas for our writers. At VK Global Publications, we are committed to our mission of academic excellence and strive to maintain high standards in all our endeavours. Our goal is to inspire and empower students to achieve their academic aspirations through our educational materials.

Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to publish exceptional books, audiobooks, and digital content that showcase creativity and originality and make them accessible to readers worldwide. We aim to educate, entertain, and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds while promoting a lifelong love of reading and learning and contributing to developing a reading culture that benefits society.

We aspire to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment that fosters creativity, respects diversity and upholds ethical practices while promoting well-being. We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of our authors and employees, and we attribute our success to our talented team's dedication and hard work. We recognize the pressing need to promote diversity in the global publishing industry, and we strive to provide opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and identities to participate in shaping our culture and society.

We are committed to providing a platform for new and established authors across various genres and subjects, sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences, and sometimes challenging conventional thinking. A belief in freedom of expression guides our editorial decisions.